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Every year in this country, 100,000 children lose their Father following family breakdown. In most cases, this is not Dad's choice, nor that of the child. 3.8 million children, one in three in Britain, do not have a father at home, and the evidence is all around us.

When a child loses his/her parent, that's not all: they lose half of their entire family. Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins.

Up and down this country, this many families are hurting:

  • Fathers weeping for children they seldom, if ever, see.
  • Grandparents having to watch their grown-up children grieving, whilst grieving for themselves.
  • Children - some having to talk to their Dad on Skype, or by telephone, others not seeing or even knowing their Dad at all.
Child crying

Be it through family breakdown or forced adoption, the Family Courts, CAFCASS, the Child Support Agency, Lawyers, Social Services, Police, can enter your life in ways you never believed, and which others still won't. Friends, family, all the usual support mechanisms we rely on, can seem to fall away.

Our concept of “family justice” needs to change. Of that there is no doubt, but it will take time.  People are suffering now, and that's not right. As part of the Christian family, we cannot ignore the pain and hardship caused by family separation, which for many will be most acute on days like Fathers Day.

That's why a group of Christian people have come together to establish support for hurting families, seeking out and meeting needs, "in the name of the Father".

Fathers Outreach launched in 2011 and has run since February 2012 a pilot project in Romford, North East London, refining programmes to provide community based, Christian-ethos support, with the aim of rolling these out to new areas in the near future. For Fathers. For Families.

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Fathers Surgery
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1200-1700 hrs
Romford Salvation Army

Just drop in if it's your first time.

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